Our state-of-the-art calorizing technologies are superior to conventional forms of coating.

Quantum Ceramalloy specializes in restoring corrosion protection of fabricated components subjected to high temperature corrosion. Our state-of-the-art calorizing technologies are superior to the conventional form of coating. Quantum Ceramalloy’s  exclusive intermetallic compound powder contains specific elements which forms an intermetallic, aluminum and alumina layer on the surface of the components reducing diffusion of harmful gases into the metal.  The exceptional benefits of this technology results in excellent resistance against oxidation and sulphidation , and improved wear resistance along with resistance against carburization and hydrogen permeation.


Reviews customers’ high temperature corrosion problems, during which, based on the component’s shape, size, and type of alloy, recommends the most cost efficient way of applying calorizing.

Provides test trials of calorized coupons to evaluate and examine performance of components.

Assists customers in preparation of welding procedures for their calorized components.

Visual performances