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Who Will Benefit?

Who Will Benefit?Any application in which the components are exposed to high temperature in oxidizing and sulphidizing atmospheres will benefit from calorizing.

  • Cement industry: Nose ring castings, kiln chains, clinker cooler grates in cement production
  • Metallurgical industries: Furnace parts, oxygen lances, tuyeres, hot gas exhaust fans, off gas ducts, launders, furnace shell, molten metal granulation parts, components of galvanizing line, converter tuyere pipes, coal feed tubes, heat treating furniture, heat exchanger tubes, water cooled furnace parts, and thermocouple protection tubes.

  • Sulfuric acid plants: Heat exchanger tubes.

  • Auto industries: engines high temperature components e.g. exhaust manifold.
  • Metal casting foundries: mould coating, off gas duct, core boxes, furnace parts, continuous casting belts, and heat treatment furnace parts.
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