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Our History

HistoryQuantum Ceramalloy is proud of its tradition of excellence in identifying your high temperature corrosion problems and recommending the most cost effective method of calorizing to meet your specific needs.

We specialize in protecting different components with a specially formulated metal powder in preventing oxidation and sulphidation from occurring. 

We serve cement industries, coal fired generation plants, heat treating industries, seamless tube mills, metallurgical industries, metal casting foundries, metal forming and auto industries and many more which use components made of different alloys, including stainless steel.

Quantum Ceramalloy’s State-of-the-Art Calorizing Treatment
What makes Quantum Ceramalloy unique from other coating companies lies in its specialized calorizing treatment. Our high-tech calorizing treatment is more advanced than the conventional form of coating. 

Our exclusive intermetallic compound powder contains specific elements which reduce the speed of aluminum diffusion in creating an exceptional interdiffusion layer with an optimum aluminum content.

As a result, companies have increased the service life of their products and saved millions of dollars in equipment and maintenance costs.  

Service and Technical Support
We are a dedicated team of expert professionals operating with success and accuracy in determining your high temperature corrosion problems. We have an in-house and out-source quality control team consisting of skilled professionals including Professional Engineering Consultants. Our team of specialists are committed to ensuring the success of your products by meticulously reviewing your high temperature corrosion problems and after careful analysis, calorizing the components based on the shape, size and type of alloy. 
Our Dedication
At Quantum Ceramalloy we value the needs of our clients and dedicate our expertise and exceptional customer-oriented service regardless of how small or large the job. In exceeding your expectations, we guarantee superior customer service and satisfaction; for our goal is to ensure the highest protection of your components by providing you with the latest technology in calorizing.
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