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Mission Statement

Mission StatementCalorizing has shown tremendous performance with the heat resistance stainless steel during the last 12 years.  Nickel aluminide layer created by calorizing into the various stainless steel products substantially extended the life of components made out of nickel base alloys.

Initially, we have focused on the castings used in the cement industry and experienced at least a 50% to 200% life improvement.

Besides the successful applications in more than 40 cement plants, we would like to expand our market area not only to the rest of the cement plants but also coal fired generation plants, heat treating industries, seamless tube mills and many others who use stainless steel products.

Our dedication is to refine our process continuously in the direction of lowering the cost of calorizing to benefit our customers. Not only do our clients and potential clients benefit from the most advanced form of calorizing, but they also gain from our unbeatable and economical prices. Our calorizing costs are significantly less than our competitors', for we strive to provide you with the latest calorizing treatment at the lowest price guaranteed.

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